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This is your journey.

We're here to facilitate that journey.

Family Time

We begin with a conversation.


This is the question we must always begin with. A successful surrogacy experience is a a process filled with steps and milestones - physical, medical, emotional, legal, and social. 

We use our years of experience and our limited number of clients to focus on you and to shepherd you and your family through this process, always remembering where we started: What is most important to you?

Family in Bed

What makes us different

The North American Surrogacy Center is a boutique agency. We customize our process to your individual needs. It's the right personalized service necessary to shepherd you through the surrogacy process.

We coordinate the details



Is it important to be in close proximity to our surrogate?


What are my state's (or my country's) laws regarding surrogacy? Who will so the best job for me regarding legal contracts?


Does my medical insurance cover surrogacy? Who insures our surrogate?


Are there any unexpected expenses?


What is the most important thing to consider when selecting a surrogate?

We're with you every step of the way.

Common Questions

  • How do I begin?
    As we're fond of saying, it all begins with a chat! Get in touch and through an easy conversation we walk you through the steps and begin the proceess.
  • How long is the surrogacy process?
    The timing depends on many factors, but we generally recommend that our intended parents should expect the process to last about a year to a year and a half. The process can be quicker or longer depending on the legal requirements involved and how long it takes for your surrogate to become pregnant.
  • How does the matching process work?
    Matching depends on several factors, including the state a given surrogate lives in, whether the surrogate has her own insurance, your matching preferences and the surrogate's matching preferences. We'll do some preliminary matching and then supply you with 3 or 4 options. Then we'll offer you the opportunity to meet with your potential surrogates. The final decision is yours, of course, always remembering that "perfect" and "just right for me" are two different things.
  • Will I/we have contact with our surrogate?
    Of course! While surrogacy is a business arrangement with contracts fully in place, it is also a beautiful collaboration. We encourage our intended parents to really get to know their surrogate and her family, visiting at least once and possibly continuing a relationship for years to come.
  • Will I be at the birth of my child?
    Hospital policy and your surrogate’s wishes play the largest role in determining who will be present in the delivery room, but these details are discussed and arranged early in the process.
  • Do you offer egg donors?
    North American Surrogacy Center will assist you in finding an egg donor, but we do not offer an egg donor program.

Take the first step.

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